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Check out, the central beef resource for retailers, suppliers and partners of the industry.…with up-to-date information and innovative ideas designed to bring knowledge, convenience and increased sales to your meat department.

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Smart Cut Steaks

A new line of steaks - the result of the Beef Industry's extensive Muscle Profiling research. These steaks are less expensive than rib and loin steak, yet still cut from some of the most tender beef muscles.For complete details, view and download this 4-page brochure.

Food Service professionals - Go to for the beef industry's online reference and resource area just for the food service industry.

School Food Service professionals - Go to and click on School Foodservice to explore our collection of resources available to meet today's challenging need in the school foodservice environment.

New Products - Head to for free information on the latest and greatest in beef products - like the new Beef Value Cuts from the chuck and round. Whether you're looking for research, marketing help, product formulations or just inspiration, you'll find the resources you need to get breakthrough beef products to market faster.